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Funeral Directors Information

Funeral Director’s Information From Jan 2024


Ministry to bereaved parishioners is a top priority for us so we value a good working relationship with you.

We are keen to serve the people of our two parishes of St Nicholas’ and St Stephen’s Ingrave.  

We will assist with neighbouring parishoners requirements where their own parish priest is unavailable or when there is a reasonable connection with Ingrave parishes, provided the deceased's own parish priest has given permission.


We understand your clients often come to you with specific dates and that you also have restrictions.  Our aim is to respond positively to this and serve you and your client’s needs before our own restrictions.


Both St Stephen’s and St Nicholas’ are available for services.   


Burials are also available for parishoners at All Saints East Horndon.


You are welcome to call or text me at any time on 07854 214409.


Monday is usually my day off, but I am available for emergencies.  Please text on these days.


We have midweek services on Wed at 10am, 11am and Thursdays at 11am.  Please avoid these times as much as possible.


We work cooperatively with our neighbouring parish of St Thomas of Canterbury, Brentwood.  Please contact them if I am unavailable.


We permit recorded music but currently do not have equipment to play CDs.

We allow projected images in church and currently use a free standing, large LCD TV which can display images, video clips and photo reels.

We welcome video recording from professionals.

We welcome donation boxes for chosen charities.


Our church hall facilities have limited availibility for receptions.  

When our pre school is in session (Mon - Fri), our bathroom facilities are unavailable, however there is a regularly maintained porta loo in the church yard for people to use.

When arriving at St Nicholas’ please park by the Lychgate on the main road.  The small car park will usually be full and access blocked.

Please ensure you bring trestles.


Most graves are dug as double graves and so we welcome their re use when the family permit this.

We proceed on the understanding that you have ascertained permission from the family for an additional burial.   

We ask you to book one of the local grave diggers.

We ask for the spoil to be either removed by the grave digger or used to level surrounding graves.


A garden of remembrance is available at St Nicholas’ for ashes burials.  This is restricted for parishoners or people with a demonstrable link.

Ashes burials are also welcome into existing graves.

Ashes are poured into the ground, however biodegradable boxes are permitted if the family prefer it.

Please ensure all plastics are removed from within the box.

2024 Fees

taken from the Church of England’s Statutory Fees Table

Funeral Service at crematorium or cemetery    £228, plus £20 travel

Funeral Service in Church followed by cremation or burial elsewhere    £228.00

Funeral Service in Church followed by burial in the Churchyard    £594.00

Organists fee, £70.00

Verger’s fee, £50.00

Ashes interment     £192 plus digger’s fee of £50

All fees payable by BACS to

Reverend PS Hamilton Church Fees Account

Barclays Bank    



Please send remittance by email to

Many thanks, 


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